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Reflection Time:

Even though many people won’t see this post, I have felt the need to post a midterm reflection. Most of my classes this semester have been based on writing reflections and what not, so I thought this would be appropriate. Many times we don’t even give ourselves enough credit for what we or accomplishing at the moment, just because we haven’t accomplished the big picture. This semester I have given myself a big schedule with little time to breath. For the last couple of weeks I have been working two jobs and trying to keep all A’s as a full time student, and not to mention trying to spend as much time with my family, friends, and amazing boyfriend. I am proud to say, that with several mental brake downs and hard work so far I’ve accomplished my goals. It’s been though, but certainly not impossible. A teacher that I work with gave his students a speech of the 200 feet. Just like the headlights in our cars they only give us the ability to see 200 feet in front of us in the dark, we should only focus on 200 feet in our goals at a time, before we arrive to our destination. The post is not to brag, but it’s for my own encouragement for the rest of the semester and what I have left to graduate. As well is for everyone to stop for a second and realized that we do a whole lot even though sometimes it might feel  like we don’t.

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